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Couchbase Lite for Dart

Couchbase Lite is an embedded, document-style NoSQL database that is syncable and makes it easy to build offline-enabled applications.

Couchbase Lite for Dart is a platform implementation of Couchbase Lite for Dart and Flutter. It has feature parity with Couchbase Lite implementations for other platforms, with a few exceptions.


Couchbase Lite for Dart is a community provided solution that is actively developed and maintained by the community. It is not an official Couchbase product.


  • Offline First
  • Documents
    • Schemaless
    • Stored in efficient binary format
  • Blobs
    • Store and sync binary data, for example JPGs or PDFs
  • Queries
    • SQL++ query language
      • Extension of familiar SQL for JSON-like data
      • Many builtin functions
    • Type safe builder API for SQL++
    • Full-Text Search
    • Indexing
  • Data Sync
  • Data Conflict Handling
  • Change Notifications for:
    • Documents
    • Queries
    • Replicators
  • Encryption
    • Full Database *

*: Enterprise Edition only feature


Some of the features supported by other platform implementations of Couchbase Lite are currently not supported:

  • Predictive Queries
  • Peer-to-Peer Data Sync
  • Background Data Sync on iOS and Android
  • Integration with system-wide configured proxies
  • VPN On Demand on iOS